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Story No. 1: Leadership, Communication & Business Growth

Ronda is a business owner that came to coaching because she was dealing with some key areas of dissatisfaction in her life and in her business. She was struggled with self-worth, communication challenges in her relationships, achieving the business clarity and results she wanted and creating work/life balance for herself. Our work immediately began with uncovering the limiting assessments and 'stories' she had about herself and her ability to succeed that sabotaged her efforts. We worked on developing language that would allow her to clearly express her authentic voice when handling business and personal challenges. Ronda also learned how to balance the demands of running a business with creating a fulfilling and rewarding life. As a result, Ronda has experienced substantial personal and business growth and is on her way to completing her Doctorate!

"Upon the recommendation of a friend, I contacted Chris and spoke with her about wanting to experience greater breakthroughs in my life. She graciously listened and seemed to understand my situation all too well which was quite a surprise. What I was having difficulty articulating, she was able to reproduce with clarity and confidence.

After working with Chris for just a few short months, my life has begun to take on a new feel and I am no longer struggling with the same challenges. Others in my life have begun to see a new confidence and commitment emerge which has previously been absent. Over time, Chris has consistently taken me beyond what is comfortable and encouraged me to go to the next level. She has assisted and empowered me to experience who I really am and live my life to the fullest. The work Chris has done with me has had immeasurable benefits and I would highly recommend her as a Coach for those who are committed to reaching their full potential."

Story No. 2: - Leadership Transformation; Unhappy at Work

Veronica came to coaching because she was experiencing a level of discontent in her professional career that was affecting the day to day interactions she had with colleagues and which was beginning to seep into her personal life. The "inner chatter", mostly negative, was running constantly and she knew she needed to seek external help. Veronica also wanted to gain clarity on career progression choices she was faced with. She needed a sounding board that could be "real" with her and not let her escape when it got tough. As a result of our time together, Veronica has quieted the "inner chatter", drastically reducing the daily emotional ups and downs, and this peace is allowing her to rethink her next career steps.

"Chris has the ability to help you ask yourself the tough questions needed to get to the core of your being. The discovery was much deeper than I expected. It was fast, powerful and effective! Chris was always encouraging. She was tough, but kept it light when necessary. Her sense of humor helped me remind myself not to take myself so seriously. If you are ready and willing to do the work necessary to get the results you want, Chris is the right person to guide you on your journey. I would definitely hire her again!"

Story No. 3: Entrepreneurial Success; New Business Start-Up

Gary had passion and wanted to bring it to the world in the form of a new business venture. He needed a plan and a strategy for transitioning out of his media relations job and into the world of entrepreneur. When you choose to no longer work for someone else, you make a very strong statement about who you are and how you want to live your life. Gary recognized that this process can be a very nerve-wracking, transformative endeavor, and support, structure and expertice was vital to making it a reality.

"Coaching with Chris was the difference between just thinking my business was a great idea and actually doing it! It has been the best investment in my business, and ultimately myself, that I have ever made. Having a successful entrepreneur listen and share with me her experience and so many valuable resources has been priceless. It's saved me so much time and frustration that I know could have easily stopped me.

One of the key benefits of coaching with Chris was learning how to shift my mindset to allow myself to be successful. I didn't realize all of the sabotaging beliefs I had that could have easily gotten in my way! Armed with powerful tools and resources to last a lifetime, I now know how to easily breakthrough these barriers as they come up. And they do from time to time! Chris truly has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter quickly, clearing any confusion and providing easy, doable steps that get results quickly. I will never forget the listening and contribution Chris has made to my success. There is nothing more powerful than an experienced Coach to show you the way!"

Story No. 4: Life/Career Transition; Returning to the Workforce

Carolyn had been a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom for many years and wanted to transition back into the workforce. Her self-confidence low and unclear how to go about transitioning, Carolyn sought coaching to work through the resistance and uncertainty as she moved forward in her process. There were many times when Carolyn wanted to give up on her goal, but through the structure and support coaching provided, Carolyn has completed training to 'catch up" in her industry and has since started her own successful business.

"Initially I chose Chris as my coach because she had done some training with Landmark Education and it fit other educational constructs that were of interest to me. I had been far-removed from my own "love" of working with people for many years and had let my own career interests be replaced by focusing my attention on a child with learning differences. My son was heading back into a traditional school setting, and it was time for me to create a different focus for myself.

The most beneficial concept, and then breakthrough, has been to get clearly focused on a goal, even in the midst of life's chaos, and bringing that goal into fruition. I used the concepts Chris and I worked with to remain focused during that time. Believe me, there were times during that year, that it DID NOT seem like a good idea to continue working toward my goal! I am grateful for the tools Chris and I used - they saved me time and energy due to the fact that I remained true to my vision and I began working on myself again. I get to design my days and my energy has increased because I love what I do!

I do recommend Chris' services; she will assist you in producing the results you say you want in your life. She is phenomenal at re-contextualizing the way one thinks about issues that come up and threaten to interrupt progress. She continually trains herself to be the best coach she can possibly be and you WILL create what you say you want!

Story No 5: - Life Enhancement; Transforming the Vision

Paul is a corporate professional who came to coaching because he wanted to create a clear vision for his life. he was caught up in a cycle of reacting instead of responding to situations in his life and was very unhappy and stressed out. Paul was a 'doer'. Life was feeling like a rat race in which he never got anywhere. He was caught in the conflict between what he wanted to do and what he thought he 'should' do. Together, we created a vision for Paul that reflected his values and what was important to him. The list of goals he came up with for the next six months are ones he is excited about and which inspire him to take action. All the while we kept an eye on creating balance and joy to slow him down from his action-oriented ways of being.

"I felt like I was all over the place, totally scattered. At first, I thought it was a scheduling issue. I spent a majority of my time reacting to emergencies and putting out fires instead of planning ahead. I was a little late to every meeting, not meeting all of my commitments, stressed and riding high on adrenaline. Chris helped me identify what was really going on - the hidden need I was driven constantly trying to meet, and to see why I really wanted to be so busy.

I never saw myself as a leader before. Never wanted to be one. But Chris helped me to see that I am the leader of my life. Applying that simple concept helped me to set some clear objectives, which really will make a difference in my life. I now schedule time for things that are important to me instead of always thinking I'll get to them someday. I even started getting to meetings and appointments on time again!"






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