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It’s time to have a life that WORKS & fulfills you!
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In the 8-Week Access the Power Within Program, you will:

  • Begin to live life in a brand new way, from a brand new space in a brand new context of understanding which will allow you to powerfully create your future
  • Learn how to bridge the gap between Mind and Heart, so you can experience your full voice, wisdom, power, and an unshakable presence unlike you’ve ever felt before
  • Have a safe space to quickly transform the limiting beliefs, emotional wounds and undelivered communications that have been the unconscious driving your experiences in life, and become free to fully express your highest potential in every area of your life
  • Awaken to yourself and the deeper meaning of your life, and begin creating a future that lights you up and ignites your creativity
  • Discover the essence of your life force and the very real energetic connection that forms the basis of all of your experiences and which can support you in attracting and achieving all that you desire
  • Embody a grounded, peaceful contentment and acceptance of yourself and life, exactly as it is
  • Learn fresh new tools to Consciously and Consistently free yourself from the patterns that are holding you back from creating and achieving the joyful life and results you desire
  • Discover a new level of confidence, self-respect and value while stepping into consistently higher states of well-BE-ing, peace of mind, connection and passion in your life
  • Begin to attract all of the support and collaboration you need to fulfill the new and exciting possibilities you invent for yourself
  • You will have the power to create your lifestyle by design, play with other extraordinary visionaries and impact the world on a much bigger scale


Imagine feeling confident and fully alive, full of passion and zest for life. You know who you really are, which is so much more than you’ve ever imagined yourself to be. You deserve to have a life of endless possibilities!

Now is the time to step through the door and into a life beyond your wildest imagination - while being FULLY supported in the process.

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About Christine Silvey

Christine Silvey is CEO and Founder of Empowered You! - A heart-centered global company and consulting firm committed to supporting women and men to discover, uncover and dissappear the deeply hidden mental, emotional and communication barriers that limit a life of full self-expression, connection, belonging, creativity, aliveness, meaning, contribution and fulfillment.

Master Coach Christine Silvey is one of California’s hottest empowerment and leadership coaches. She is a transformative educator with over 10 years experience supporting life-altering shifts in consciousness, communications and behavior in both individuals and groups. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and the Full Time Messenger Network, as well as a Certified Graduate of Coach U’s Advanced Coach Training Program, and a Certified Akashic Records Consultant.

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