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The new Face of Leadership

From time to time, you and I get impulses to change or to improve our skills.

It might be because we get inspired. We might see someone else with what we want. We might have a flash of insight. We might have a sense that our life,our career, relationships, etc. is not all it can be or something feels like it's 'missing'. Most often it's because something has gotten worse that we're unwilling to tolerate, and we say: "I've had enough!", "This isn't working!".

Whatever the reason, this impulse for change comes along at certain intervals in our life. The problem is that impulses DO NOT last. This is why we human beings do not make many of the changes that are possible in our lives.

What does coaching look like?

Coaching can be defined as "everything you do to produce extraordinary results."

Coaching is on-going conversations that continuously expands our personal capacity to perform at peak levels and develop ourselves in real time.

Coaching involves holding out a possibility in front of others while coaching them to move to the next level with relentless compassion.

Without coaching - without NEW LEARNING, STRUCTURE and SUPPORT - our natural and automatic tendency is to keep our patterns.

We go to work. Make money. Keep the same relationships. Keep the same barriers. Want the same things to change. But don't change them. Feel an impulse for change - lose the impulse for change. Staying the same is the natural and automatic outcome.

Personal Transformation is essential for organizational and business transformation!

Coaching provides a new basis of learning that disrupts the automatic patterns of behavior, thoughts, and communication habits that diminish our enjoyment of life, our performance and our capability.

I have observed in the process of coaching that if people see themselves in a new way, they will begin to act in a new way. If people start to think differently, they will act differently.

If you like what you've read so far and you're ready to connect, click here.

As a Leader, you need to produce results.

Through coaching you begin to distinguish how you show up in the world, what you say to yourself, the language you use and how your emotions are pulling you forward or getting in the way of producing those results.  

While working with an Ontological Coach you will become more aware of how the areas of - MINDSET, LANGUAGE, EMOTIONS and the BODY -  shape the way you live and can become the most useful tools in shaping the future you want to create for yourself.

You will find you will have new opportunities, new choices and a new way to move through life that you previously didn't have access to. Exciting! yes?

Here are the KEY areas we focus on in a bit more detail:

MINDSET - You are your thoughts 24hours a day, 7 days a week. What drives your thoughts is the core conditioning of beliefs and meaning you assess about yourself and the world. These 'conversations' you have with yourself become the 'blind spots' that hinder performance and what is and is not possible for you. Through Ontology we distinguish the limiting assessments, interpretations and stories that are at the heart of our existence. Ontological Coaching has the capacity to touch the soul and bring about deep change which benefits ourselves and those around us. New thinking and a new view of yourself allows you to see new opportunities and innovative possibilities you didn't have access to before.

LANGUAGE - You and I are linguistic beings. We communicate through Language and we use language to not only define who we are but to shape our future and our relationships in our work and home life.  Through Ontology there are many distinctions in language that can become a useful and powerful tool in achieving your goals and empowering yourself as you move forward.  Exploring what you are saying to yourself, understanding how you communicate with others and learning to know the difference between the expectations you have of someone when you have never actually made a request of them are just a few examples of what is explored. New conversations allow you to see things differently and act differently.

EMOTIONS - Our emotions drive everything we do. Think for a second about how you move when you are stressed or angry. Consider the different experience you have when you are happy or full of wonder.  We are always experiencing an emotion and moving in an emotion, no matter what you are doing or how you are doing it.  Emotions are a part of all of our lives whether we are aware of them or not.  Through Ontology you build your awareness of what emotions are moving you and how they are working for you or against you in heading towards the future you desire.  We also become more aware of the emotions that surround us, what emotions are prevalent in our workplace or at home.  Becoming more in tune with your emotional environments can help you to shift and shape your future experiences in these settings. Giving you the capability to maximize your performance.

BODY - We will explore a domain of learning that most of us do not consider in shaping our future – the Body.  Think about anything that you do without your body.  You ask for a raise in your body, you move around your family in your body and you engage with co-workers or clients all in your body.   As you become more aware of the 'story' that you tell with your body you can begin to learn to tell a new 'story'.  Exploring how you show up in the world physically can offer you many new tools to shift  and to shape your future.

In summary, this is a window into the tools that will support you during an Ontological Coaching relationship and the real gift is that they will serve as reflections of YOU and make possible the shifts needed to powerfully create and shape the results you desire!

What will you choose to do with your impulse to change?

Feel free to connect with me here.

What Coaching is not:

Coaching vs. Therapy: Although coaching and therapy compliment each other, coaching is not therapy. A coach works with a person who is ready to go to the next level in an area of their life. The focus is on where the client is now, where they want to go and how they get there.

Coaching vs. Consulting: A consultant is a specialist hired to give advice and provide solutions to a particular problem. Coaching is a more holistic approach. It is the job of the coach to ask powerful questions to draw out the client's needs and desires. The coach challenges the client to develop as a person and to draw upon his or her own competencies.

Coaching vs. self-help seminars, books, tapes, etc.: Coaches tend to motivate and inspire people. However, a coach is not someone to "outsource" your motivation. Seminars and books are great, but a coach takes you to the next level by helping you to fully integrate theories moment-by-moment, day-by-day to create an exciting and fulfilling life. The results are permanent and sustainable energy that comes from within.

Coaching vs. the spouse, friend or "do it yourself" plan: Partnering with another person who is impartial and willing to risk the relationship to tell you the truth can be a powerful way to build momentum. Coaching provides a fresh perspective to put ideas into action through to completion. A coach will help you maintain balance in life and keep you focused in a way that is virtually impossible done the 'lone ranger' way.






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