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Christine K. Silvey
Phone/Fax: (925) 556-0330

Christine's expertise is in assisting leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and career professionals to breakthrough the deeply hidden issues that have been secretly sabotaging their success.

Christine has a long track record of masterfully guiding clients to shift mindset, emotions, communication habits, and how they show up in the world, so they CAN play BIGGER, dramatically improve their performance, be fully self-expressed, and achieve the success they richly deserve in their life and business...with greater ease and JOY!

“I highly recommend Chris' services; she will assist you in producing the results you say you want in your life!  She is phenomenal at re-contextualizing the way one thinks about issues that come up and threaten to interrupt progress. I am grateful for the tools Chris and I used… they kept me focused – even in the midst of life’s chaos!” -- Carolyn C., Small Business Owner

Christine has developed the Empowered You Breakthrough to Success System for peak performance and self-mastery out of her own journey to break free from her constraints to claim the rich, full, productive, vibrant life and business she desired.

Christine's clients consistently rave that the biggest impact of working together is resistance and struggle is melted away and what emerges is clarity and FREEDOM from the obstacles they have tried to get rid of or push through on their own. As a result, clients are able to powerfully and authentically create accelerated growth along with enjoying a rewarding, balanced life. 

"Christine has an excellent ability to listen to people and immediately, accurately get into their world. Her ability to coach and generate truly break-through results is amazing. She can hear the thought patterns that limit both performance professionally and reduce the joy of life personally. Her coaching has time and again made a difference both in my own life and the lives of others around her. I strongly recommend Christine's ability as a coach and as a great human being."
-- Phil J., Consultant

Christine brings a rich and varied set of experiences, skills, energy and perspective to everything she does. Her unique process utilizes holistic and ontological coaching skills and tools to powerfully support clients in clarifying direction, staying focused, strategizing actions, and mastering the internal landscape that is a predisposition for action.

With Christine you get compassionate, straight talk and get the results you want. There is no need to struggle any longer!

If you desire to experience more results in less time while having vitality and greater quality of life, Christine can help you get there.

Give yourself the gift of decisive action by requesting a no obligation, Empowered You Discovery Session by emailing Christine at: chris@empoweredyou.com.

Professional Experience

Christine is a graduate of the Advanced Coach Training Program from Coach U, the worldwide leader in personal and business coach training.  A student of Newfield Network, the premier Ontological Coach Training School. She is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). In addition, she is a Graduate of the following Landmark Education programs: Curriculum for Living, The Advanced Communication Curriculum and Team Management and Leadership Program.

In addition to small business experience, Christine brings to her practice 20 plus years in 'corporate america' and knows well the daily challenges of being an effective leader. Areas of expertise include Human Resources, Project Management, Sales, Manufacturing, and team dynamics.

Furthermore, Christine intimately understands the shifts needed to live powerfully and make major life changes because she has gone through many of her own; pursuing careers at several Fortune 500 companies, returning to college as a working adult, starting her own businesses, surviving cancer, transforming her health and body from a size 26 to a 12, and most recently, the leap from cubicle dweller to Personal and Professional Coach. (For full details, check out her Story at www.empoweredyou.com)

Personal Philosophy

We are all capable of greatness. We are all capable of creating lives that work. We are all responsible for where we are in life and we CAN alter our course at any moment! It awaits only our curiosity and courage to step forward. No one can be successful or fearless alone!

Personal Information

When not coaching, Christine loves to spend time being outdoors exploring new adventures with her husband of 16 yrs, enjoying health and fitness activities, movies and theatre, travel and connecting with family and friends. Christine is an insatiable learner and spends as much time as possible in her own personal development in order to bring the best of herself to her clients and her practice. Christine’s mission is “To inspire, cultivate and empower the best in each of us!”


"Greatness resides in each of us and awaits only our courage to set it free. Be open to reinventing yourself. Be willing to step into your full potential. If you aren't living your ideal life, you have work to do." - Christine Silvey


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