Transition Assessment

Before completing the following assessment, take a moment to reflect on the difference between a change and a transition. A change occurs when something starts or stops in our lives or when something stops and something else takes its place. For example, your job as a manager stops, and your new job as a consultant starts; or you leave the life of a married person and enter the life of a single person. The circumstances in your life are different and that is change.

Transition, on the other hand is the process a person goes through to let go of that old identity and become reoriented to a new identity. Obviously, transition takes longer than change because although the actual change has happened, it will take months to fully form your new identity. It is this transition phase that makes many of us so wary of change in our lives.

Many transitions are results of obvious changes in our lives such as a change in jobs, a relocation, a new relationship, and even a change in our physical body size and health. Yet, many transitions are subtler such as a change in values, growing older, liking to spend more time by yourself. As we all know, transition periods can be challenging and stressful. But they can also be very exciting and provide great opportunity for personal exploration and growth. The key to a successful transition is allowing yourself to fully engage with the process.

Read through the following questions and check the ones that have applied to you in the last year.

When complete, submit the form and your score will be returned to you immediately. An email with additional information will also be sent to the address you provided.

Feel free to forward the link to this assessment to your friends or anyone you know who may need help during a period of transition.

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Enjoy the assessment!

I have or I am in the process of changing jobs or careers.
I am in the process of relocating to a new area.
I feel frustrated and dissatisfied with many things in my life.
I have begun to think about retirement or have retired.
I have experienced a substantial change in my body image (size).
I have experienced a substantial change in my financial status.
I have left or entered into a relationship.
I have experienced a change in the status of my health.
I am not enjoying my work and I feel stuck.
I spend a lot of time wishing my life were different.
I find that I have become the primary caregiver for my parents.
I have experienced the death of a family member or close friend.
I don't have a clear sense of direction or control over my life.
I have gone back to school.
I have started to downsize and simplify my life, or have plans to do so.
I feel disconnected from the roles that used to provide meaning for me; my priorities in life are changing.
My child has just entered kindergarden or college.
I have some new goals and plans in mind for myself, but I have difficulty staying committed to my goals.
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